Wellness and Vaccination Programs

Vaccination and Wellness Care

We offer advanced formulas of vaccinations that are both pure and effective. Your pets will not miss out on day-to-day activities due to lack of coverage from immunizations. The vaccinations we carry make it easy to lower the chances of vaccine reactions such as vomiting, fever, swelling, hives, respiratory responses, or pain.

Puppy/Kitten Care

We love seeing our clients find new four legged family members and want to offer gold standard care for them. We offer all core vaccinations as well as lifestyle vaccinations to fully protect any active and social animals. We will also make recommendations for preventative care that best suite you and your pets lifestyle.

Adult Dog/Cat Care

We believe it is important to have your pet seen for a thorough physical exam annually; we recommend this to be done at all stages of their life. This gives our veterinarians a change to grow with your pet and keep in-touch on changes that may have occurred over the previous year, such as behavioral changes or changes in appearance that can indicate a more pressing health concern. Annual check-ups ensure that we catch any changes early on.

Senior Dog/Cat Care

Nothing is more rewarding to our Pinecrest family than watching our patients grow up healthy and enter their senior years. We have deep compassion for our senior pets and because of this we like to see our senior patients bi-annually. This allows us to monitor any changes in their physical exams. We recommend to send out senior profile blood panels to monitor organ function, update vaccinations that they may need to be updated, and complete a thorough exam every visit to closely monitor their health.