Surgical Services

Soft Tissue Surgery

We offer soft tissue procedures in a state of the art surgical suite with anesthetic monitoring. We have state of the art equipment to ensure the safest steps are being taken during any procedures. Soft tissue surgeries group the majority of surgeries together that do not have bone involvement.

  • Spay (Ovariohysterectomy)
  • Neuter (Orchidectomy)
  • Growth removal (with and without biopsy)
  • Ophthalmic (eye) procedures
    • Enucleations (removal)
    • Cherry eye repair
    • Entropion
    • Eyelid mass removal
  • Analsacectomy (removal of the anal glands)
  • Cystotomy
  • Foreign Body
  • Cesarean section (c-section)
  • Laceration repair
  • Aural (ear) procedures
    • Aural hematomas
  • Gastropexy
  • Perineal Urethrostomy (can be referred to as a PU)
  • Dentistry
    • Dental radiographs (x-rays)
    • Dental prophylaxis (cleaning)
    • Dental extractions (when necessary)

Orthopedic Surgical Procedures

Orthopedic procedures are specialized around the musculoskeletal system. This includes bone, joint, ligament, tendon, and muscular involvement.

  • Amputation (limb and toe)
  • Cruciate repair with a specialist
  • ACL repair
  • Luxating patella repair
  • Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO)