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Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Pinecrest Animal Hospital in Owosso! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

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Paul Rangi, DVM

Practice Owner

Dr. Pritpal Rangi is the owner of Pinecrest Animal Hospital and has been a practicing veterinarian for 35 years. Dr.Rangi graduated from veterinary school in 1984 and moved to the United States from India shortly after. Dr Rangi’s passion for veterinary medicine comes from the friendships he has formed with the people in his community. He enjoys seeing long time clients continue a relationship with Pinecrest as it grows.

After completing veterinary school Dr. Rangi completed an internship in North Carolina. From there, he went to work for three different veterinary hospitals before deciding to start his own practice here in Owosso in 1991.

Dr. Rangi grew up in India around cows, buffalo, and dogs. He says he was influenced to follow a career in veterinary medicine because of his grandfather who always loved and cared for animals in their home town. The bond they shared his childhood years is what inspired his decision to become a veterinarian.

Dr. Rangi and his wife, Ravi, bought Pinecrest Veterinary Hospital together and made it priority to make their client’s and patient’s feel like family. Dr. Rangi and Ravi have three children together. Their oldest daughter Puneet is a dentist and lives with her husband and daughter Zara in Connecticut. Kenny, their son, is also a veterinarian and co-owner here at Pinecrest. Sabrina, their youngest is in medical school studying to become and ObGyn.

Dr. Rangi has 2 dogs at home. Lilly a 12 year old Papillon, whose favorite things to do include stealing socks, eating apples, and sitting on laps while watching out for her housemate. There is also Leo a 4 year old pit bull, who loves to check the counter for any snacks, teasing Lilly whenever he can, and giving endless amounts of hugs and kisses.

When Dr. Rangi is not treating animals at Pinecrest he loves to play with his pets, watch movies, and spend quality time with his friends and family.


Clinic Mom & Co-Owner

Ravi is a co-owner and has been raising Pinecrest Animal Hospital with her husband, Dr. Pritpal Rangi, since 1991. She looks at this hospital like one of her children that she dedicated all of her time and emotions to. Ravi worked 6 and sometimes even 7 days a week to help any animals they could in the beginning. She remembers taking in emergencies and going into emergency surgeries constantly. Her love for Pinecrest has only grown as she has watched her son take on the family business. When Ravi and Dr.Rangi had just bought of Pinecrest, Ravi was a registered nurse at Memorial Hospital here in Owosso where she worked from 1991 to 2010. Ravi would spend her days working at the hospital and evenings and weekends working at Pinecrest.

Ravi was born and raised in India; she grew up on a farm and always had dogs, cows, and buffalo around her. She is very genuine in the care she gives and has a gentle touch with all of our patients.

Ravi has two of her own fur babies at home that keep her busy. She has Lilly the 12 year old Papillion, and Leo the 4 year old pit bull. Both of her dogs spend most of their time eating, playing, and sleeping.

When Ravi is not taking care of the girls here at Pinecrest she enjoys cooking, shopping, and most of all spending time with her kids. Ravi and Dr. Rangi share 3 kids together; Kenny, Sabrina, and Puneet. They welcomed their first grandchild in 2017 and love being grandparents.

Kenny Rangi, DVM

Owner & Veterinarian

Dr. Kenny has been a doctor at Pinecrest since May of 2017. He is a co-owner and the son of Dr. Pritpal Rangi. Dr. Kenny graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences from Purdue University in 2013. Continuing at Purdue, he received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2017. Dr. Kenny grew up in Owosso and graduated from Owosso High School in 2009, which gives him a deep connection to our community.

Dr. Kenny was inspired to follow in his father’s footsteps fulfilling his passion to help humans through their pet’s health and well being. He has always admired the profession and all that comes with it; being a veterinarian allows him to solidify the human-animal bond between his patients and clients. Dr. Kenny says his “obsessive- compulsive personality allows him to strive for providing the best care for my patients” driving his passion for veterinary medicine. Dr. Kenny is very talented and really enjoys performing soft tissue surgeries, dental procedures, and internal medicine. He has also quickly become the go-to guy for allergies and dermatology here at Pinecrest. Dr. Kenny is constantly striving to continue learning new medicine so he can provide the best possible care to his patients.

Dr Kenny has a 4 year old American Bully, named Leo who is a ball of energy. Leo’s favorite things include giving kisses, eating, and sleeping. He’s also good at keeping Dr. Kenny up by snoring all night.

When Dr. Kenny is not caring for animals at Pinecrest he enjoys working out at the gym, spending summer weekends jet skiing up north, riding his road “gravel” bike, and spending time with his friends and family. Dr. Kenny is also what you consider a “foodie” and loves trying new restaurants and breweries.

Jessica Fescemyer, DVM


Dr. Jess Fescemyer has been a veterinarian at Pinecrest since April of 2015. She attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts from 2009 to 2011, then spent her clinical year at MSU where she graduated with a Degree in Veterinary medicine.

Dr Jess started her journey to become a veterinarian at an early age in her hometown of Clarian, PA. She was influenced to choose a career in veterinary medicine by her grandfather who helped teach her to raise, whelp, and field train beagles. Dr. Jess grew up on a farm and started training horses at a young age which then progressed through school to treating them. She also spent 8 years as a veterinary assistant working in a mixed animal practice. She says that her passion for veterinary medicine and love for animals is driven by “dog kisses, helping scared animals have a positive experience, and being able to treat them successfully and see how happy the animals are to go home to their families”. In addition to volunteering to speak at schools, safety days, and 4H events, Dr. Jess loves studying behavioral medicine and practicing pain-free handling and procedures. She loves performing surgeries, dentals, and ultrasounds.

Dr. Jess has three dogs Gamble, Rocco, and Jax. Gamble, a 12 years old mixed breed dog, is Dr Jess’s best friend. He played a big role in keeping Dr. Jess motivated throughout vet school. He loves playing with his toys and visiting schools with Dr. Jess to talk about veterinary medicine. Rocco is also a 12 year old mixed breed who loves just hanging out with his people, going on walks, and eating any snacks he can get. Jax is a 3 year old boxer who is a ball of energy. Dr. Jess also has 2 cats, Bella and Brinx, as well as 2 bearded dragons. Growing up around horses inspired Dr. Jess to have 3 of her own. She has 1 barrel racing horse, Ghost; and 2 trail riding horses, Fury and Jazzy.

When Dr. Jess is not treating animals at Pinecrest she enjoys spending her free time barrel racing, walking the dogs, watching veterinary shows, helping her boyfriend with his sprint car, working with dogs outside of the hospital, and spending time outdoors. Even her life outside of Pinecrest revolves around animals!

Kelli Shepherd-Collard, DVM


Dr. Kelli Collard has been a veterinarian at Pinecrest Animal Hospital since September of 2019. Dr. Kelli graduated from Michigan State University with bachelors in animal science, and studied at Ross University graduating with a degree in Veterinary Medicine in fall of 2019.

Dr. Kelli says she was influenced to become a veterinarian because when she was little she would spend time on her aunt and uncle’s farm helping tend to their animals. Her passion for veterinary medicine comes from her love for animals being able to help animals and their owners. She looks forward to continuing her experience with all the learning opportunities that veterinary medicine has to offer.

Dr Kelli has 2 dogs at home; she has Libby the 10 year old dachshund who loves to go for walks, sunbathe, and takes naps any chance she can. They also have Remi the 4year old German Shorthair Pointer who enjoys bird hunting, running, playing, and going for car rides.

When Dr. Kelli is not caring for animals at Pinecrest she enjoys going up north to spend time outdoors. Her favorite activities are kayaking, fishing, riding trails. She also enjoys golfing, playing team games like volleyball and softball, and walking the dogs.


Hospital Administrator

Debra joined us in December 2020 as Hospital Administrator. While new to Pinecrest, Debra has been involved in veterinary medicine for most of her life, starting as an assistant at the age of 17. Debra worked for over 16 years in emergency/critical care as a veterinary technician, as well as worked in oncology, internal medicine, avian and feline only practices. Debra has worked as a manager at previous practices for the last 5 years, but still loves helping with patients every chance she can get.

Debra is currently enrolled in business management at Mott Community College with the goal of completing the stringent qualifications required to be a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager.

Debra has three dogs and six cats at home, as well as four teenagers! She is owned by Bindi, a yellow Labrador Retriever whose main hobby is eating, Hope, a very active Dutch Shepherd, and Dobby, a Chihuahua/terrier mix who would love nothing more than to lay on someone’s lap all day. Of her six cats, her favorite is a long -haired orange tabby named Archie Morris Puffins, whose hobbies include meowing at the top of the stairs, biting while getting his nails trimmed, and grooming his cat brothers, Mark and Christopher.

When Debra is not working or studying, she enjoys gardening in the summer, hiking with her son while he searches for snakes, and running. Debra has set the lofty goal of completing a 50 mile trail run in August of 2021.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Kayla joined the Pinecrest team in April of 2018. Kayla graduated from MSU Veterinary Technology Program in 2006 and has worked in small animal practices and shelters since.

Kayla says she was influenced to purse a career in veterinary medicine because she loves science and she loves animals. “It was really a natural pick for me despite the fact i didn’t have any pets besides a goldfish when I was younger. I wanted to be apart of a team that helped better the lives of animals and being a Veterinary Technician fits that role”. Kayla says she loves that vet medicine is always changing and always has opportunities to grow and learn new technique.

Kayla has 2 dogs of her own. She has Roxie a 2 year old Belgian Malinois who enjoys chasing a ball or trying to crawl into your lap and pretend she’s a small dog. There is also Trixie, the 3 year old American-English Coonhound Mix. You can find her sleeping in the sunshine or laying on a warm load of laundry fresh out of the dryer. They also have 3 cats at home, Cass who’s 10 years old, and Mac and Cheese who are both 4 years old.

When Kayla is not treating animals at Pinecrest she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, cooking, baking, and crafting. Kayla is married to her highschool sweetheart and they have 3 beautiful kids together.


Veterinary Technician

Amanda has been a Veterinary Technician with Pinecrest Animal Hospital since November 2018. She is currently enrolled in the Veterinary Technology Program though Penn Foster College to obtain her Associate Degree of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. Prior to joining Pinecrest, Amanda worked at an emergency hospital in Novi and at the Michigan Humane Society in Detroit.

Amanda has had a passion for animals since she was a young girl. She used to bring home all the strays she could find because they had nowhere else to go. “I am determined to grow as a technician and never stop learning. I absolutely love what I do and would not change it for the world”.

Amanda and her fiancé Daniel have two pets of their own; Olive who is an 8 year old Pit bull and Olive enjoys sunbathing in the backyard, snuggling, and taking naps. Ike a 7 year old German Shepherd is a Police K-9 and is nationally certified in explosives and aggression. In 2015, Ike and Daniel won a national award for finding a loaded gun in lunchbox at the Detroit Auto Show. When Ike is at work, he is all business but at home he enjoys playing with his toys.

When Amanda is not caring for the animals at Pinecrest, she enjoys spending time with her husband Daniel, their fur babies, and families. Amanda has two younger siblings, Cody and Courtney, and enjoys spending time outdoors, gardening and soaking up the sun. Amanda is also a crafty person who finds ideas on Pinterest and brings them to life in her home.


Veterinary Technician

Doreen has been a Veterinary Technician with Pinecrest Animal Hospital since April 2018. Doreen has 20+ years experience in the veterinary medicine field from working at veterinary clinics in the area and the Humane Society. Doreen also owns her own pet sitting business.

Doreen’s passion for helping animals in need influenced her to choose veterinary medicine as a career. “It is very satisfying to see an animal make a full recovery and live a long happy life.”

Doreen two pets of her own; Pippy (Piper), a 11 year old Cockapoo, also enjoys long walks, and cuddling. Then Maggie, a 10 year old Pug mix, who enjoys long walks and sleeping while her housemates play.

When Doreen is not caring for the animals at Pinecrest, she enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and her three dogs. Doreen also enjoys being outdoors, camping and fishing.


Veterinary Technician

Melissa joined the Pinecrest team in May 2020. She came to us with experience as a receptionist in a previous clinic. She quickly moved up in that company and was able to work as a tech for the last 6 years in Oakland County until moving here.

Melissa’s passion for veterinary medicine is driven by her overall love of animals. Though she is not currently enrolled in schooling as she was able to learn quickly with on the job experience.

Melissa has 4 of her own fur babies at home. She has Jameson the 9 year old domestic shorthair who enjoys yelling at birds and sunbathing. She also has 3 dogs. There is Storm, the 5 year old Dalmatian mix, Ish the 6 year old Shar Pei mix, and Ash the 13 year old Terrier mix. Their favorite activities include chasing the cat, running in the yard, steeling the cat’s toys, and getting belly rubs.

When Melissa is not treating animals at Pinecrest Animal Hospital, she enjoys spending time in her yard, with family and her animals. She also enjoys playing basketball and football.


Veterinary Technician

Nicole rejoined our team at Pinecrest Animal Hospital in December 2020. Nicole worked with us a few years ago before venturing out west to Montana and North Dakota, but made the wise decision to move back to Michigan to raise her beautiful girls near family.

Nicole has always been drawn to working with animals, and is driven by her passion for animal health and welfare. She is continuing her education with the Penn Foster Veterinary Technician program.

Nicole has three pets of her own; Sassy, an Australian Heeler, who loves cuddling while watching America’s Funniest Videos, a domestic shorthair cat named Shinx, who performs Kitty Olympics by racing through the house and protects her family by attacking strangers, and last but not least, Taner her Quarter Horse, who loves cattle sorting.

When Nicole isn’t busy at work, she enjoys extreme cowboy obstacle challenges, hobby farming, especially chickens and turkeys, and spending time with her family.


Pet Care Attendant

Liza has been a kennel technician with Pinecrest since April 2018. Liza is always a helping hand around the hospital and her work ethic is untouchable. Liza has 26 years of experience working with large animals. Prior to joining the Pinecrest team she studied technical agriculture and zoo technique production.

Liza has a heartfelt passion for helping animals that started while she lived in Peru. She enjoyed working with llamas and alpacas so she worked with them for 18 years in the Peruvian mountains, she taught about the importance of quality breeding of llamas and alpacas in rural and indigenous communities to improve the lives of these animals. Liza says what drives her passion for veterinary medicine is “to help animals in any way possible”.

Liza has three dogs and two cats of her own. She has Maya who is a 2 year old German shepherd; Maya enjoys playing with her ball in the yard. She has a pair of pitbulls as well named Bella and King, King is 8 years old and Bella is 6 years old and these two enjoy playing with their Kong toy. And then there is Smokey the 15 year old cat and Batychica the 2 year old cat, these two love to eat and play with their toys.

When Liza isn’t helping animals at Pinecrest she enjoys art. She is interested in wood and leather pyrography; she also shares a passion for photography and landscaping. She mostly enjoys taking photos of llamas and alpacas. When Liza is not focusing on the arts she is at home spending time with her animals and friends.


Client Service Representative

Shanda has been with Pinecrest since December of 2019, but has been a client with her own pets since she was a kid.

Shanda says her passion for veterinary medicine is driven by always being around animals. She says she was influenced the pursue a career in veterinary medicine so she can help animals that are unable to help themselves.

Shanda has a kitty at home that keeps her busy. Frisky is a 13-year-old domestic shorthair who spends her time eating catnip and rolling in the yard outside.

When Shanda is not helping clients at Pinecrest she enjoys spending her spare time gardening, drawing, and camping.


Clinic Cleaning Services

Terry started at Pinecrest at in September of 2009. Terry says that the vet field was a career path that chose him. Terry and his wife first came to Pinecrest as clients, but Dr. Rangi eventually asked Terry to come in for an interview for a custodial position. Dr. Rangi was so impressed with Terry that they hired him right away, and he has been here since.

Before working at Pinecrest Terry was an emotional therapy teacher for special needs children, he is passionate about working with children and helping them grow into hardworking, independent adults. After working in schools for years, Terry decided to continue his education and became a minister.

When Terry is not keeping things in tip top shape at Pinecrest he enjoys playing his electric keyboard, and cooking. Terry is passionate about music and can be found in churches form Owosso to flint performing for the public.

Terry and his wife, Lupe, have 2 pets of their own. They have Celly a 12 year old Labrador Retriever who enjoys playing catch, and Delilah the 7 year old cat that likes to sleep.