Commitment to Community

The Pinecrest Animal Hospital team is devoted to providing the highest quality veterinary care to all patients and clients. We strive to see every patient in a timely fashion while maintaining gold standards of care.

We have made it a priority to gain the trust of all our clients and patients and make them feel like family.

You will find that every member of Pinecrest values your pet’s health and will work efficiently at every visit to ensure they are being handled in the best possible manner while at our office. We want every patient to leave Pinecrest happy and healthy and will work diligently to maintain this goal.

Our staff here at Pinecrest is a team, we hold teamwork to a very high standard and will work together to provide the best experience to each client and patient. Our team maintains open lines of communication with each other as well as clients while caring for each patient. It is of utmost importance to keep our team accountable.

Our doctors are devoted to working together with each client to create a health plan that best suits both client and patient. Our doctors are very knowledgeable in various specialties and always look forward to continuing their education in order to help each patient.

Every treatment plan a doctor has created is tailored to each individual patient and discussed with the client before proceeding. This allows us to confidently move forward with every patient. This applies to both healthy patients coming in for wellness appointments, as well as sick or injured patients. Each team member strives to educate each client on the tools and treatments available for their pet in order to help our client’s make informed decisions on their pet’s health.

We strive to deliver compassion to every situation, and work as a team to make every experience enjoyable.

We look forward to welcoming you and your pets into our care with open hearts.

We have made a promise not only to our clients, but also to our community to care for each patient with efficiency, teamwork, accountability, devotion, confidence, and compassion.