Additional Services


We offer microchipping because we think it is important to have a permanent form of identification. Collars and tags are very important to have one a dog or even a cat but they can be worn out, lost, and removed. We would like to ensure that any lost pet makes their way home and this is a service we can offer to help make that happen. A microchip is a small, electronic chip enclosed in a glass cylinder that is about the same size as a grain of rice, you cannot feel this and it can only be detected by a microchip scanner that most all veterinary hospitals/clinics and shelters will have access to. The chip transmits an identification number that is specific to the pet to the scanner. The ID number linked to that dog or cat’s microchip is linked to the owner’s information. We can microchip your pet at any time but prefer to place these during surgical procedure to reduce discomfort for the patient.

Behavior Consultation

We offer behavior consultations because animals aren’t able to verbally communicate their thoughts and feelings with us. We think it is important to understand a dog or cats reactive instincts, and will work hand-in-hand with owners to clearly understand their pets behavior.

Fully Stocked Pharmacy/ Online Pharmacy

We offer a broad spectrum of medications to best suit all the needs of your pet. The medications we do not keep in-house can be prescribed through our online pharmacy which makes ordering medications more convenient, and easily accessible for our clients.

OFA Certification

Our clinic offers radiograph studies and blood screening for OFA certification. The OFA maintains a database for hip dysplasia and also maintains databases for other genetic disorders. The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals is categorized into groups.

  • Hip/Elbow
  • Cardiac
  • Thyroid

Geriatric/Hospice Care, Quality of Life

We define quality of life care as a form of hospice care for our pets. In most cases, these are structured towards pets with a life-limiting disease or disability. The plans are constructed with both owners and doctors to improve the comfort and happiness at home for our sick or elderly patients and allows the owner to act on behalf of their beloved pet as they reach the end of their life.

Euthanasia Services and In-home Euthanasia

The worst part of being a pet owner is the day when we have to say a final goodbye to our life-long companion. At Pinecrest we are emotionally connected to every patient we see and we share deep sadness with owners on these days. We work hard to ensure that you and your pet are as comfortable as possible during this time. We allow our owners to make the decision to say good bye in the comfort of their homes as well as in the hospital.